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Welcome to my personal Paganism & Witchcraft blog. Filled with magick, herbs, art, nature, tarot, rocks, spells and more! My ask is open, but please check out the 'Helpful Links' and 'About Me' on the side before asking a question.

20. Taurus. Engaged. Oregon, US.

Empath. Druidess. Green Witch. Tarot Reader. 1st Degree Reiki Healer. Beginner Herbalist.

I’m still learning and growing, and I always will be. /|\


We couldn’t wait any longer, the very first clip from Book 4 is HERE!!!

PS: You’re all amazing


Been working on some ridiculously large pendents (palm size or bigger) for the shop. Super fun. Super pretty. I will release at least 12 of them on an undecided date. Get ready.


I’ve missed all of you, guys.


Screenshot from the Book 4 clip. Its up on now! Here’s the link.


Day 244 : A little bird, he told me so | he said come on, get on the go | open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies | the blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees | Spring makes my fever right. - Spring Fever, Elvis Presley. 🌸 28 x 28 mm. #365postcardsforants #miniature #watercolour #wdc624 #spring #blossom #capetown #art #lovecapetown (at Cape Town Vredehoek)


Day 247 : (Fingertip owl) Pel’s fishing owl | Scotopelia Peli. In November 2012, a wild Pel’s fishing owl was spotted in a garden in Newlands, more than 70 year’s after the last sighting of the bird at Cape Point. 10 x 17 mm. 🍂 #365postcardsforants #miniature #watercolour #wdc624 #owl #pelsfishingowl #bird #newlands #capetown (at Newlands Cape Town)



Day 248 : Pink Ice Protea | Protea Neriifolia x Susannae - the hardiest of all proteas. 14 x 30 mm. 🍃 #365postcardsforants #wdc624 #miniature #watercolor #protea #pinkiceprotea #flower #capetown #lovecapetown (at Table Mountain National Park)

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