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Welcome to my personal Paganism & Witchcraft blog. Filled with magick, herbs, art, nature, tarot, rocks, spells and more! My ask is open, but please check out the 'Helpful Links' and 'About Me' on the side before asking a question.

20. Taurus. Engaged. Oregon, US.

Empath. Druidess. Green Witch. Tarot Reader. 1st Degree Reiki Healer. Beginner Herbalist.

I’m still learning and growing, and I always will be. /|\


Crystal necklaces available here. // Please do not delete text


Dreamy, naturalistic, and magical: illustrations by Becca Stadtlander

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my etsy is 2 years old in september & i’m having a giveaway to celebrate!

the winner will be chosen by a random number generator september 30th. you may also enter the coupon code “seacrafts”  to enjoy an additional -10% off my entire shop until that date as well ♡


I was very excited to announce this over on my Facebook the other day. These pendants are my first go at these style of keys and I’m incredibly proud of them. 

From left to right: The Water Tribe Key, The Key to Omashu & The Earth Kingdom, The Kyoshi Warrior’s Key, The Fire Nation Key, Sun Warriors: The Last Dragons Key and Airbender’s Glider Key.

I am a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra and these are the perfect way for me to prove it. There will also be a bonus key released if we reach 600 likes on my Facebook page by Tuesday and it’s exclusive to Legend of Korra! So for more information, and a chance to get the bonus key released, click here.

Hello, I'm a brand new blog (at least I'm brand new to this side of tumblr) and I was wondering if it were possible to get you to follow or promote my blog so I can build myself a community here?

Just reblogged your post and added a list of links from my helpful links page

<3 /|\

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My name is Savannah. I am 19 years old and living in Washington state.

I am very new to this lifestyle and I am wanting to learn/study/practice Wiccanism (I believe is the term? Correct me if I’m wrong.) or witchcraft. (I’m keeping my practices and studies disconnected from any form of religion…

 also check out my resource blog for more posts!

What is Paganism?

Witchcraft and Authors to Avoid!

Why I should avoid Silver RavenWolf

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Some Wicca Definitions 

Simple Beginner Spells

Basics of Tarot

Faeries 101

Faerie Information

Faerie Communication

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