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Apple Tree (Pyrus malus) Tree of Love

Astrological Correspondence: Venus

Element: Water 

Flower: Apple blossoms represent youth, love, fertility, and enchantment. 

Fruit: Healing, preferred, and appeal. 

In Druidry: Association with the west, the journey to Avalon, the orchards of regeneration of the Otherworld, bardic symbol - the apple branch signifies enchantment. 

Folk Tradition: Used for divination, especially for Samhain. Thrown peelings can slow the beloved’s initial. Challenge by the ritual immersion into water to emerge with the fruit of the Otherworld; bobbing for apples- the list is endless. A symbol for the Ovate grade is hidden in the most magical of fruits: cut across its diameter to reveal a starry pentacle, a symbol of the Goddess and an old symbol for protection, which can represent, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. 

Tree: It bears clusters of five-petaled white flowers that blush with pink. Some modern varieties of apple trees do bear a reddish pink blossom. Blossoming time is typically April through June but will widely depending on the particular variety of apple. 

Notes: The message of the apple is mixed- powerful energies and temptation, a force for good, for health, nourishing, and regeneration or for the ill. Use with caution/respect; its gifts can be misappropriated. 

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